Something breaks and a wall made of cubes collapses. From among its remains, twelve people appear who try countless ways to build a new world. Despite the instability of the cubes and the failures they face, the characters strive to achieve their goal, working collectively and with a motto that drives them to move forward:

“If we walk alone, we go faster; “If we walk together, we go further.” Will they be able to find the perfect structure? Will they be able to deal with their differences to achieve the desired harmony?

A visual, circus performance, with live music and lots, lots of humor

Artistic profile

Company: Collective Mur

Original idea: Nacho Flores and Joaquim Aragó

Director: Nacho Flores

Choreographic advisor: Roberto Olivan

Artists: Circ Vermut (Jordi Mas, David Candelich), Circ Bombeta (Oriol Morgades, Quique Maltas, Sergi Comesa, Manolo Osoyo), Alberto Munilla, Ramón Giménez, Nacho Flores

Support on stage: Sigrid Brau, David de la Rosa Alegre

Music: Ramón Giménez (“El Brujo”)

Production: Joaquim Aragó

Lightning: Xavier Valls

Costume design: Elisa Echegaray

Atrezzo: Alberto Munilla

Ilustration: Ivan Jordà

Communication and video: La Cau Produccions