Something breaks and a wall made of cubes collapses. Out of the remains emerge twelve people who make endless attempts at building a new world. Despite the instability of the cubes and the failures they face, the characters strive to achieve their goal, working together and with a motto that encourages them to keep going: “If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. Will they be able to find the perfect structure? Will they manage to battle out their differences to reach the harmony they seek?

A visual circus performance with live music and a great deal of humour.


The show, by the company (Cia)3, is directed by Nacho Flores with Joaquim Aragó as executive producer and Ramón Giménez, the founder of Ojos de Brujo, in charge of the original music. The team also includes Circ Bombeta (Oriol Morgades, Quique Maltas, Sergi Comesa, Manolo Osoyo), made up of people with functional diversity; Circ Vermut (Jordi Mas and David Candelich); the acrobat Alberto Munilla; the light designer Xavier Valls, and Elisa Echegaray, the wardrobe designer. David de la Rosa and Sigrid Brau support the performers on stage. La Cau produccions is in charge of communication and the videos of the show.


  • Company: (Cia)3
  • Original idea: Nacho Flores and Joaquim Aragó
  • Direction: Nacho Flores
  • Choreographic advisor: Roberto Olivan
  • Artists: Circ Vermut (Jordi Mas, David Candelich), Circ Bombeta (Oriol Morgades, Quique Maltas, Sergi Comesa, Manolo Osoyo), Alberto Munilla, Ramón Giménez, Nacho Flores
  • Support on stage: Sigrid Brau, David de la Rosa Alegre.
  • Original music: Ramón Giménez (“El Brujo”)
  • Production: Joaquim Aragó
  • Lighting: Xavier Valls
  • Wardrobe: Elisa Echegaray
  • Props: Alberto Munilla
  • Illustration: Ivan Jordà
  • Communication and video: La Cau Produccions


Nacho Flores, director  Born in Madrid, he discovered the circus in Amsterdam and embarked on a long path of training in various schools (Carampa circus school, Mar Navarro international school of theatre, Russian national school of circus, Le Lido school of circus in Toulouse) with internationally renowned teachers, such as the juggler Ernesto Terri. He worked in the Circo Oblique and has created his own discipline: balancing acts on wooden cubes. He participated in the Demain festival with “Bonhomme”, which won several awards. In 2014 CircusNext awarded his act “Tesseract”.

David Candelich, Circ Vermut Specialised in pole, acrobatics and balancing acts on objects, Candelich trained in the Circ Petit circus school in Pineda de Mar and in the Rogelio Rivel school of circus. He has performed in the Circorts festival, the trapezium festival of Reus, the Nits del Circ in the CaixaForum and the modernist fair of Terrassa, among others. He teaches at the Rogelio Rivel school, Cronopis (Mataró) and at l’Ateneu Nou Barris (Barcelona).

Jordi Mas, Circ Vermut Awarded the Youth Creators Award from the Mataró Municipal Institute for Cultural Action in 2005 with the show “NMOR” (Volaquivol), Mas attended the Rogelio Rivel school of circus and is a performer with and creator of the company Trifaldó, winner of the Zirkolika audience award in 2011. He was also the artistic director of the Curtcirckit festival and the Montgat circus festival and is one of the founders of the Cronopis circus association in Mataró.

Alberto Munilla, acrobat Born in 1978 in Logroño, Munilla trained in the Rogelio Rivel school of circus in Barcelona and is specialised in acrobatic and vertical balancing acts. He has a vast trajectory and has participated in “El fantasma del Palau” (Palau de la Música, 2003) and “IturzaFusion” (provisional circus company, 2011), among others.

Ramon Giménez, original music Giménez (Barcelona 1969), also known as “El Brujo”, began his musical career at the age of 13. He founded the group Ojos de Brujo and has collaborated with Estopa, Martirio, Macaco, Los Manolos and has performed in shows such as “El flamenco y las máquinas” (Grec Festival Barcelona, 2012), among others. He has received several awards such as the World Music Award 2004, the Award for the Best Tour 2005 from the Royal Academy of Music and the Latin Grammy 2008 for the best flamenco group.

Oriol Morgades, Sergi Comesa, Manolo Osoyo and Quique Maltas, Circ Bombeta Morgades, Comesa, Osoyo and Maltas are students of Circ Bombeta, an initiative founded in 2008 as a result of the synergy created between Cronopis and the Association of Social Integration, Workshop of Ideas. The essential aim of the course was for people with different capacities to be able to work on their motor skills, self-improvement, creativity and confidence through circus art. However, over time the aim became more ambitious: to perform on stages too.

Joaquim Aragó, producer (Mataró, 1980) He has worked as the light designer for Comediants, Cie Daraomai, Cia Alba Sarraute, Les 7 doigts de la main. At present he is the producer of the company Borja Ytuquepintas. He was the artistic director and producer of the Circorts Festival in Barcelona (2012-2018) and the Mataró Christmas Circus (2013-2016).

Xavier Valls, lighting Valls (Barcelona, ​​1959) has a long career in light design and in the technical production of shows in general. He has been working since 1986 and has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Buena Vista Social Club, Jordi Savall, Toti Soler, Comediants and Joglars and in such important events as the Grec Festival, the Cap Roig Festival, the Tàrrega Festival, the Torroella de Montgrí Festival and the Barcelona Jazz Festival.

Elisa Echegaray, wardrobe Echegaray has a degree in Spanish Studies and a higher qualification in Dressmaking and Fashion, and has worked for such renowned groups as Comediants, Joglars and La Fura as well as for important scenographers such as Juanjo Guillén, Ramon Ivars, François Barbeaux, Jordi Castell and Jordi Bulbena. She has taught at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona Theatre Institute) since 2000.

Atzur Produccions, communication and video A production company that creates audiovisual content and manages the communication of cultural events (

Sigrid Brau, David de la Rosa and David Lafuente provide the team of performers in “Mur” with support on stage. Sigrid Brau is an educator in the Maresme Foundation. She joined the team with the performance of “Mur” in the Tàrrega Festival. David de la Rosa is a member of the company Accidentados and since 2008 has been training in circus in the Circ Petit circus school. David LaFuente is a social care worker and helped in the first phase of creating the show.

(Cia)3, production company Transgenerational company formed in Mataró as a result of the show “Mur”, with a view to it becoming a long-term professional project.


  • Press dossier here.
  • Videos of the show here.
  • Photos of the show here.
  • Interview in “El Periódico” here.


  • Joaquim Aragó, executive producer +34 664 22 01 50 /


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